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The Group of Traveler According to our group, there is a trip and tracking in which your Pira is Uttarakhand and the whole Himachal covered and in this we provide many types of adventure activities like camping and river rafting and kayaking and heli skiing and waterfall rappelling and Skydiving and Scuba diving and Hot Air Ballooning and Caving and Trekking and Snorkelling and Cliff Jumping and Paragliding and Ziplining and tube Ridding and Rock climbing and Bridge climbing and Sandboarding and Bungy jumping and Rappelling and Caving and Hang gliding and Parasailing and ATV driving and Glacier climbingand Exploring the great outdoorsand canoeing and Skiing and there is also surfing and ghost activities which we will get done in our package

Glacier climbing

Few experiences are as otherworldly as hiking a vast glistening glacier, and what better place to get to grips with a frozen landscape than Iceland itself? Take a Day Trip from Pindari: Glacier Hiking and Ice Climbing, where icy ridges, deep crevices and mind-boggling expanses of frozen rock will challenge even the hardiest of hikers, and you can even try your hand at ice climbing. 

Of course, there are plenty of other places to sharpen your ice picks. just like that Take a Small-Group Franz Josef Glacier Walk along New Zealand's famous southern glacier, where jutting ice cliffs, dangling icicles and natural hot springs make for a rewarding, unique trek; or head to Alaska for a Mendenhall Glacier Trek and Climb, where you'll be truly off the beaten track..

Adventure & Experience

Trekking, the best way of getting to know any land, it’s people, it’s culture and traditions, is often confused with mountaineering which is more technical and a pre planned affair. Adi Shankaracharya, who trekked in the Himalayas in the 8th century A.D., was the pioneer who opened trekking routes in this part of India. The mountain adventure season which till recently was confined to the summer months in this region; now covers almost the full year including winter. Contrary to somewhat widely held belief, a trek, mountaineering expedition, ski trip or river run does not require superhuman physical condition. What is essential is a love for the outdoors and respect for nature. If you’re fired by the spirit of adventure, let the sparks in your heart fly in the hills of Kumaun, a land blessed with snowbound peaks, crystal glaciers, rolling meadows, jagged rock faces, scenic valleys, meandering rivers, cascading waterfalls, dense forests and hospitable people with rich culture. This has been made possible by improved equipment and transportation and the availability of the year-round bookings in the areas hitherto considered inaccessible.

Treks, mountaineering expeditions, ski and river runs can be graded with reference to the degree of difficulty of the terrain, accessibility and rescue or support requirements

Safety First

Safety first: 9 things you should keep in mind before going for adventure sports

1) The most important thing is to be mentally prepared and excited about the sport you are attempting. Ask yourself if you actually want to do it or is it just peer pressure. Go ahead only if you are confident.
2) If you suffer from vertigo, acrophobia, asthma or any heart disease, refrain from attempting such sports. Make sure that you are in pink of health and in case of minor ailments, take your doctor’s advice.
3) Follow everything that your trainers say to avoid any unforeseen situation. Ensure that you are not making too much noise and the trainer is audible enough for everyone.
4) At times of sudden thrust or fall, you may temporarily injure your knees, elbows and other body parts. Ensure that you are wearing proper safety gear. Don’t forget your helmet. Wear appropriate protective padding, if possible. This could include knees pads, elbow pads and wrist pads.
5) A proper warm-up is needed to keep muscles and joints flexible. Be sure to warm-up the muscles you’ll be working.
6) Don’t wear clothes that have chances of tearing or that may be uncomfortable while doing the sport.
7) Don’t take pictures while doing the sport. It can be extremely dangerous. Focus on what you are there for and make the best out of it.

8) It’s better when you do it along with a friend or a family member. It not only gives you more confidence while attempting it, but in case of an unforeseen situation, having someone you can count on, can be very helpful.
9) Before you opt for any adventure sport, make sure you carry a valid photo ID with yourself to prove your age.

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