Mystery of OM Pervat

Updated: Feb 9

This is a documentary on OM PARVAT (OM MOUNTAIN) and its mysterious characteristics. This documentary by Nandan Singh Salal #vacation #dream #summer #treking #adventure #Mhadev #omparvat#vyasvalley#uttarakhand

I welcome you all to my blog post. In this blog of mine, I want to share with you some of my wonderful and a little bit of hardy winter hikes experience with you so that you can get some benefit and learning, I hope from all of you that you will thank me by giving your valuable suggestions. Whom I can improve a little bit in my work, I will get to learn something with your every suggestion.

The most important thing about adventure activities is that the job fills your pocket but adventure activities fills your soul. Which is also true somewhere and I think all of you will agree to this statement to a great extent or not.

Our Favorite Winter Hikes

Let's leave all this and we grow our blog

Hello friends. Friends, in the race of life, we often do not meet ourselves and in cities, life is going on like a train, but if life is going at a speed then friends, that is a mountain.

Friends, my name is Nandan Singh Salal and I live in a Himalayan valley named Almora it's in Uttarakhand. I grow up in multi Himalaya diaries and the went process of the world basically. It can be said that Himalaya is the back yard of my house. I love music, traveling, shooting videos, adventure activity and specially the mountain.

You must have seen many mountains in your life, but have you ever heard about a mountain named OM. And what is so special about this change, and what is it that makes it different from other mountains.

I remember the days when my father used to mention about this mountain as a child and people also says that this mountain is visible only for a short time in a year, from this you can guess how mysterious this mountain is and many people wait to see this mountain for many years but can't see this mountain So friends, that's why I am leaving today in search of this unique mountain, about which I have heard in stories and stories and in which my friends and those who have come to support me love the mountain like me oh sorry I mean a little less than me. So let us go on a journey where you and me will know the secret of the OM mountain. ॐ Parvat is a mountain situated between India and Nepal. Which is at an altitude of 6191 meters and which is in the Pithoragarh distic of Graphically Uttarakhand and it is said that the ॐ mountain can be seen from the last post nabidhang of Indo China Bodar. So basically we have to reach nabidhang but it is not so easy to get there.

Friends The journey of the mountain starts from Dharchula, which is located in Uttarakhand. If you come from Delhi, you will have to come to Almora first, from there you will easily get a bus and taxi to Dharchula. and we have to travel in Almora to Pithodagad and Pithodagad to Dharchula to entered to viyas wali .

For which we have to go to Malghat Malpa Bundi Garbyang Gunji Kalapani and Finaly Nabidhang. it's a total stretch of 190 km out of witch 100 km is on foot. In these paths, I get to see a lot of natural beauty such as many what falls and natural fruits and the most important Black Ganges river and you get to see the confluence of these two rivers Kali Ganga and Gori Ganga in the middle of this path. Which is a terrifying scene in itself In fact, this confluence is situated between two countries, on one side is Nepal and on the other side is India. Seeing this place makes the heart fascinate. And from the confluence of these two rivers, the river which goes down towards the city means that in Uttar Pradesh, this river is called Sharda river. And a huge fair is held here, which is celebrated in November just like a very big festival and if you had a big disaster in 2013, then in Uttarakhand and if you remember, there was a big disaster in 2013, due to the cloud bust in Uttarakhand, many houses are here and the family and many innocent people were swept away. All these things, I mean to say, is just that nature doesn't follow rules. If we offer pain it's response in the same language the way we are creating nature by exploring nature and what do we expect by cutting trees and over-constructing mountains and spreading dirt in the mountains? I am saying all this because If tourists come to the mountains, they spread a lot of dirt which causes many natural disasters, please do not spread garbage, keep the mountains clean. Please keep the place clear not only to the mountains, wherever you live, also please

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